Two media sources, Business Insider and Foursquare, came together and compiled a list of each state's favorite fast food chain. Whatever math they used would get them a F in class.

The article claims that the two came together and used a formula of total visits per location in each state divided by locations in the state.


As much as I like Chick-fil-A, you can't convince me that 97% (just throwing that percentage out there, but probably pretty close based on this) of the United States would vote Chick-fil-A as their favorite fast food chain.

In-N-Out Burger is the favorite of Texas? There are 22 locations in Texas, a handful in Central Texas (Waco, Killeen, Austin) and the rest in the Dallas - Forth Worth metroplex according to Whataburgers are like Starbucks in Texas, one on every corner. There is no way In N Out Burger beat Whataburger using the above formula.

Popeye's the favorite in Hawaii? That's a stretch.

Raising Canes in California? I find that hard to believe. Our editor and weekend personality, Jason, who was born and raised in California never even heard of Cane's until he moved to the south.

This is why I hate the internet sometimes - speculative reports like this just to get a click. And sadly, it worked on me. I can sum up this 'report' in one word...dumb.

We'll be ready to taste test when In-N-Out comes to Tyler.

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