I can’t believe we are less than 95 days until Christmas.

Now, if you’re like me you are already in preparation for Christmas shopping for family and friends. However, when I think about Christmas gifts of the past I’m horrified when it comes to the thought of receiving a fruitcake. Usually when receiving a fruitcake for Christmas I immediately go into “What have I done to you to receive this as a gift?”

I’ve tried it before and I’m not a fan. However,  there is one East Texas bakery that is noted for having the best fruitcake in the world, so I may take the short drive to put that claim to the test.

The Southern Weekend dubbed Elienberger’s Bakery in Palestine, Texas, as having the best fruitcake. It is the oldest bakery in East Texas founded in 1898 by Freidrich Eilenberger, a German immigrant, whose recipes have won awards worldwide.

The fruit cake began in Leipzig, Germany, where they collected the best fruits and nuts during harvest season. They then combine the ingredients together for a treat that is a must have as they ship out over 40,000 cakes to loyal customers.

To order a fruit cake from Elienberger's Bakery click here.

Eilenberger’s Bakery is located at 512 N. John St. in Palestine, Texas and their number is (903) 729-0881.

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