Six years in, there’s only so much variation The Walking Dead can do with its titular threat beyond additional decay. And since Daryl Dixon clearly isn’t thrilled with change, Jimmy Kimmel saw only one option: Put The Walking Dead on hoverboards, of course!

Whether you refuse to call them hoverboards, airboards, balance boards (they’re all illegal now anyway), last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! saw the ABC host putting Norman ReedusWalking Dead favorite into a different kind of zombie peril. Reedus was there not solely for The Walking Dead, but also to promote Triple 9 as well.

Thankfully, the world of The Walking Dead should never have to deal with hoverboards in any regard, what with the apocalypse having presumably rolled around sometime back in 2010, though that didn’t seem to stop #TeamRick from having a fresh Hyundai every year.

In any case, cringe your way through hoverboarding zombies in the bit above, and stay tuned for a new Walking Dead this coming Sunday. It’ll be less embarrassing, honest!

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