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'Walking Dead' Leaks Negan's Alternate Premiere Kill
Even as The Walking Dead apparently locked down Negan’s victim two years ago, production still went through with its shell game of filming death scenes for each cast member. We saw glimpses of them with Sunday’s premiere, but a new leak reveals what might have been the show’s mo…
'Walking Dead' Star Hints They Won't Be Negan's Victim
The Walking Dead has been fortunate so far to have not directly leaked the identity of Negan’s kill from the Season 6 finale. That said, process of elimination has cleared at least few names off the list, while another Season 7 star seems to hint that they too were spared the wrath of Lucille…
'Walking Dead' S6 Blu-ray Video Relives Grossest Walkers
Whatever complaints we level at The Walking Dead, few could argue the artistry of the undead outshining movie zombies year after year. Season 6 served up some particularly gross walkers, from sewers to sandwiched in a quarry, so gird your stomachs for a look at the best from the Season 6 Blu-ray.

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