Are you concerned about the world? Here's what you can do.

Spoiler Alert: The most Texas thing you can do right now is to mind your own business.

It may seem like a very simple statement to make, but many of the great philosophers have agreed that the thing you can do to eliminate most stress in your life is to mind your own business.

The world does not need another political opinion, save those for the ballot box. It also doesn't need another person watching events unfold moment by moment; those events will keep happening or come to an end without your participation.

Look at it this way. If you're in a crowded room and everyone's talking you can't be heard anyway. We all know that even if you managed to get a word in edgewise, that someone would just shout over you. The best thing to do is let 'em shout while guessed it...mind your own business.

Despite the many debates and the possibility of people taking things and themselves WAY too seriously, you don't have to be involved. Chances are that whatever big events happen in the world, almost none will ever even get within shouting distance of your front door.

Now, if you want to be a little "extra" take your new attitude and spread it to your friends. You can host a web show, message some friends, or make some food for a neighbor. Those are all great examples of minding your own business while at the same time stepping up to be a good human.

Say it aloud with me, "This problem doesn't need me, I'm going to mind my own business".

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