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The Longview Police Department thought that they saw the last of the Grinch after last year's big event in Longview. The Grinch came to town last year trying to steal Christmas from Longview residents. Still, Longview Police disrupted his plans and instead of spending time in a jail cell where his dislike for Christmas could grow, they made him spread holiday cheer with Operation Blue Santa in Longview. Once the holidays were over though they released him and he disappeared back to the outskirts of Whoville and his cave in Mt. Crumpit with his dog Max thinking he would never return.

Apparently, that wasn't the case because Grinch is now back in Longview and was caught trying to steal Christmas again this year. Once detained by Longview Police, he was taken to the department's headquarters where he would be processed into the jail. While waiting in the lobby, Grinch was able to escape along with some presents from the department's Christmas tree and some cookies.

Longview PD is quick, it didn't take long for them to catch up with Grinch and take him back into custody where he is now under constant surveillance and continually monitored. As for his punishment, once again the Grinch is going to have to spread cheer throughout the Longview community.

The Grinch's first appearance was with Longview's Blue Santa at last week's City of Longview Christmas parade. He has since been seen around town with Longview Police spreading holiday cheer at local retailers. He is accompanying officers during their 'Shop With A Cop' event where he's doing the Grinch thing, creating a little mischief while out with the officers and also posing for pictures and giving Grinch hugs.

So if you happen to see Grinch with Blue Santa or Longview Police officers over the next couple of weeks, make sure you give him a big hug so that his heart continues to grow and enjoy Christmas!

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