With all the great parks and outdoor areas here in East Texas, its easy to see why we're a destination for bicycle riders. You can see them in packs here and there all across the area taking in the scenery and the fresh air.

The City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department along with the Main Street Department and a few local partners are helping to make life easier for cyclists in the city with the installation of three bicycle fix-it stations in the Downtown Tyler area.

According to press release we received from the city, the fix-it stations were purchased thanks to grant funds from the Texas Physical Activity and Nutrition Program from the Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health).

City Of Tyler

The stations can be found on the northwest corner of the Downtown Square, inside the Fair Plaza parking garage by the exit, and by the downtown Transit Depot. Each station includes all tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, such as inflating a flat tire and adjusting brakes.

City Of Tyler

The "fix-it" stations are part of the city's push to make the downtown area more accessible and friendly for bike riders. Riding around downtown in a bike sounds like a fun idea but we all know that the brick streets can probably rough for some riders so these stations will definitely help.

City Of Tyler

Feel free to ride in confidence now around Downtown Tyler.

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