Here's the deal: Each day, we'll post two girls and you vote on who is hotter. The girl with the most votes wins and moves on to face a different girl the next day. If a girl wins five days in a row, she'll be inducted into the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. Voting ends at midnight.

BiBi Jones (on the right above) is our first-ever Smokin' Showdown winner after she edged fellow hottie Lindsey Knight by ONE vote yesterday. Close race! Now, she's still got stiff competition to face in Jessica Burciaga (on the left).

Now, the contestants (Twitter links are NSFW):

BiBi Jones (on the right), or @xxxBiBiJones on Twitter, is a 20-year-old blonde model and "actress" from Oklahoma who's a big sports fan -- namely, the Yankees and the Patriots. Bandwagoner, anyone? BiBi was at the center of a mini controversy last year involving Twitter pictures with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Jessica Burciaga -- find her Twitter here -- is a 28-year-old brunette model who was Playboy's Playmate of the Month in Feb. 2009. She's since been doing just modeling, which is great for all of us!

After you vote, be sure and follow them on Twitter -- and follow us, too, @96XRocks!


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