You've seen the music cage matches, the Rocktagons, the face-offs -- whatever you want to call it. Well, we're bringing the same concept to you each day with beautiful women, and they need your votes!

Here's the deal: Each day, we'll post two girls and you vote on who is hotter. The girl with the most votes wins and moves on to face a different girl the next day. If a girl wins five days in a row, she'll be inducted into the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. Voting ends at midnight.

Now, the contestants (Twitter links are NSFW):

BiBi Jones (on the right), or @xxxBiBiJones on Twitter, is a 20-year-old blonde model and "actress" from Oklahoma who's a big sports fan -- namely, the Yankees and the Patriots. Bandwagoner, anyone? BiBi was at the center of a mini controversy last year involving Twitter pictures with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

In the blue corner ...

Lindsey Knight (on the left; you can find her on Twitter here) is 24 and is another blonde model who also wants to be the inaugural member of the Smokin' Showdown Hall of Fame. Lindsey is a ring card girl for the UFL and has posed for many magazines and websites.

After you vote, be sure and follow them on Twitter -- and follow us, too, @96XRocks!

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