Today’s employees are being freed from a 9-to-5 job thanks to smartphones, mobile apps and the cloud. As a result of technology that’s allowing employees to do many things outside the office, many bosses aren’t looking at the time clock that closely any more.

The results of a study from 1,000 U.S. and European workers and employers found that 73% of bosses have turned their eye on clock watching because they trust employees are doing some work before getting in to the office. So, coming in a half-hour late doesn’t really bother some employers.

Additionally, around three-fourths of the employers have given their staffs some sort of mobile device to do work on the fly. Although, most can’t access everything needed to complete their job so they’re all required to come in to the office to do work, but with anything there is room for improvement!

It appears the old 9-to-5 job is a bit old school, because the survey also found that on average we’re checking work email each weekday at around 7:42 a.m. and get in around the office around 8:18 a.m. We’re leaving later, too, around 5:48 p.m., but continue to work until about 7:19 p.m.