I’m not sure I know anyone living in Texas with a boring and slow pace of life, things are busy and there is always something else to accomplish. But it feels like we all need to slow down a bit and, in this instance, maybe look at some of the crazy things around us including some of the laws that are still on the books here in Texas.  

While everyone is extremely busy, and there might not be time to go back and eliminate some specific laws that are still enforceable now, these can often make us the punchline to many jokes. I’m sure at some point these laws were enforced to help stop criminal behavior, but do we really need to have a law about it being illegal to lasso a fish? I don’t think that is a necessity anymore, but I could be wrong.  

Texas Laws to Avoid Potential Annoyances 

We all know that technology is changing things around us at record speed, but there is a law on the books in Texas to avoid a potential annoyance in the future. It is illegal to have a billboard in space in Texas. Now, I’m not sure how that billboard would stay in place, but it’s nothing we need to worry about, because it would be illegal to have one. 

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