There is concern among some that our high school and/or college football games are becoming a bit more dangerous.

A recent breakout of frustrated violence between a tuba player in the Texas Southern University band and a Jackson State University heckler could be an example as to why.

On Saturday, November 4, Texas State University, located in Houston, Texas was in Jackson, Mississippi taking on Jackson State University. A tuba player in the Texas Southern University band appears to have finally had enough.

A man who was at the game supporting the opposing team of Jackson State University, and wearing their team colors, approached the tuba player holding a drink and started to holler and made a gesture at the band member for Texas Southern.

Apparently, the Texas Southern tuba player warned the Jackson State fan a few times before he finally reached his limit.

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After warning the heckler more than once, the band member pummelled the guy several times in the face before finally hurling the man down the bleachers, according to a story from

Here is the video that was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on the College Sports Only verified account:

So, in your opinion was the tuba player out of line or did the heckler get his just desserts? Are both in the wrong?

Share your thoughts if you're so inclined:

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