A 16 year old El Paso teenager died Friday night (04/29/16) after the carnival ride she was enjoying with a friend malfunctioned.

According to ABC News, three girls were the only riders on The Sizzler, an attraction that spins and rotates, when it suddenly slammed them into a metal barricade.

The carnival was part of an event produced by St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in celebration of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Niños.  Parishioner Isabel Estrada, 57, told the El Paso Times that the parish priest wanted to celebrate the holiday with a fun event for the community.

"He is a very good priest. He wanted to do something for Dia de los Niños," Estrada said. "Who would have thought something like this would happen?"

Reports indicate that following the accident, passers-by attempted CPR on the girl and three ambulances quickly arrived.  The teen appeared to regain consciousness when she was placed in the ambulance and rushed to the hospital.  However, officials report that she later succumbed to her injuries.

Her 15 year old friend was also treated at the hospital but was later released.

This is the second amusement park mishap to make the news in Texas this week.  Earlier, it was reported that a boy in Amarillo was riding a rollercoaster with his father at a theme park when his seat belt became detached.  Video surfaced showing the boy's Dad holding him in place as the ride continued.

A check of sites listing roller coaster accidents found several deaths on “Sizzler” rides in cities including Hope, Ark.; Austin; and Durango, Colo.

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