Looks like someone thought it would be funny to blow their truck exhaust into a group, unfortunately that kid then got into a very serious accident.

Just outside of Houston, in Waller County, Texas an investigation is underway about a prank that went wrong for a teenage driver. Looks like a group of cyclists were training for an Ironman triathlon. The bikers were in a couple of groups. A truck drove by one group and the driver decided to accelerate so their exhaust would blow into the group as he drove by.


This is commonly known as 'rolling coal' or 'smoking'. When the teenage drive accelerated, he probably turned around to look at the damage he caused. He then plowed into another group of cyclists who have all had to be taken to nearby hospitals. Six in total were hit and are all still in the hospital. Two of those actually had to be airlifted from the scene due to their injuries being so severe.

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Police were called to the scene and the teenage driver was somehow not arrested. As of this time, no charges have been filed, but the local district attorney wanted folks to know they're taking this very seriously. They released the following statement:

Thank you to everyone that has messaged regarding the Saturday morning collision between a pickup truck and bicyclists in the Waller area. Please know that this matter will be thoroughly reviewed and appropriate actions taken as soon as the investigation is completed and handed over to this office.

We will see what happens next because I am assume several charges will be filed in the next couple of days.

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