When we get behind the wheel in Texas, you might not be entirely sure what to expect from others on the road. Some might be following the rules, others not so much. But one thing is for sure, all of us are trying to get somewhere.

It's very important to remember that yes, there are other Texans on the road. While we may tick each other off with some of our maneuvers, keeping a cool head is the important part of the checklist. But, not everybody is too keen on remembering that.

As one trucker in Texas found out, sometimes even when you're right, other people will still think you're in the wrong.

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A Dallas, Texas Driver Trying To Take On A 18 Wheeler?

There's something about trucks in Texas. They just fit the lifestyle here in the Lone Star State. But deciding to challenge one of these things on the roadway isn't the best idea.

But some decide to do this. One truck driver in Texas dealt with a silly driver making the choice to do just that:

Look, I'm normally never one to accuse people of doing something silly, unless I see them do it. What exactly did the yellow car think was going to happen here?

Had they simply sped up and put themselves in a better position, their car wouldn't have been wrecked as stated by the video. Also, brake checking a big tractor trailer? Are you trying to wreck the car even worse?

Just remember to drive safer around trucks Texans! Remember that your car can adjust better than theirs!

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