Unfortunately, this story backs up the saying, "no good deed goes unpunished", but we wanted to share what this officer from Kaufman, Texas did.

Kelsey Stevens, daughter of the Police Sergeant mentioned that a young man stole a turkey leg and Gatorade from a local store because he hadn't eaten anything in two days.  Instead of arresting the young man, her father - a Sergeant - showed compassion and only gave him a citation and even offered him $20 to buy food.

The story was corroborated by the Kaufman Police Department, but as mentioned in their letter, it is their policy to press charges when a victim of a crime decides to do so. The store clerk wanted to press charges but the Sergeant did not apprehend the suspect. As a result according to the daughter, he's been suspended from the force.

Kaufman Police Department applauded the good deed, but also stated the internal investigation surrounding the Sergeant is irrelevant from the incident.

From their statement:

The department applauds our Sergeant for the compassion and kindness that he showed to this individual and the investigation that is in progress has nothing to do with that decision by our officer.


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