A clerk at a dollar store in Angleton, Texas screamed at two mothers for their unruly children while they filmed her.

KHOU reports that the two mothers each had four kids. The mothers brought them all to the King Dollar store.

At some point, the clerk loses her temper and screams at the women to leave with their kids. She appears to question why they brought so many kids to the store with them.

The mothers filmed the tirade and posted it to Facebook with this message:

 “We are independent mommas with four kids that we deeply love & would give our lives for! That we work more than three jobs for! We had to explain to them as they walked out of the store in tears, literally all 8 of them, their little wondering hearts failed to understand why they were unwanted in a dollar store!”

One of the moms said her children’s father is incarcerated, so she’s on her own and has nobody to take care of them.

The store manager defended the clerk and said the kids were creating chaos in the store. The clerk asked them to leave several times before they started filming.

A shopper who was in the store also agreed that the clerk did the right thing. What do you think?

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