Ernesto Garza, 80, has kept the half-eaten breakfast taco in his refrigerator since he noticed the image of Jesus while sitting down one morning to eat his regular bacon and egg breakfast taco. reports Garza, who attends La Amistad Adult Daycare in Beeville, went to the cafeteria on Wednesday morning for his breakfast taco, handmade by cooks. According to KRISTV, a young girl served him breakfast. He said: “I wasn’t looking for nothing, I was looking to eat my tortilla.”

He sat down and unwrapped his taco. But after he had eaten a little of it, he suddenly noticed a human face on the taco staring at him. According to, Garza said, “I looked at it for five minutes,” and he said it was Jesus staring at him from the burnt section of the taco.

To confirm his suspicion that Jesus had indeed appeared to him on his bacon and egg taco, he asked a friend sitting next to him to have a look and say what she thought the face on the tortilla looked like. His friend took one look and jumped to her feet, crying “Jesus!”

Now Garza was sure that a miracle had just happened. He told KRISTV: “I seen that brown spot there on the tortilla and it’s a picture.” He pointed out the parts of the face to, saying: “Here’s the eyes, nose, mouth, mustache.” News about the Jesus tortilla spread around the adult daycare immediately.

The director of the adult daycare Angie Rodriguez, said in excitement: “I consider it a blessing because it’s unique.”

The whole world is learning about the miracle at the La Amistad Adult Daycare in Beeville, a small city between Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

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