My neighborhood here in Texas is nice and safe but of course I live next to a couple of older gentlemen who are retired and with their extra time love to work on their yard. I truly appreciate their work because it makes our area look nice, but the problem is that I don’t have the same amount of time to devote to my lawn. Which is why I have been interested in seeing what the prices look like to have someone else make my yard look great. 

For years I used to love to mow the lawn and I still enjoy cleaning up the yard with the sun shining, but it truly comes down to not having the time to get everything done. Which is why I started looking at prices for lawn care, but I found out quickly that the price quotes were all over the place. Obviously, the more established and well-known companies charge a lot more than a smaller company just getting started.  

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What are Average Lawn Mowing Costs 

When first doing my research, I found that the website Home Blue put the price scale like this: 

Lawn mowing prices based on the size of your yard: 

  • Lawn mowing prices (1/8 acre, per cut): $19 to $24. 
  • Lawn mowing prices (1/4 acre, per cut): $24 to $39. 
  • Lawn mowing prices (1/2 acre, per cut): $39 to $53. 
  • Lawn mowing prices (3/4 acre, per cut): $53 to $67. 
  • Lawn mowing prices (1 acre, per cut): $67 to $82. 

Lawn mowing services cost per hour: 

  • Lawn mowing costs range from $40 to $60 per hour. 

Don’t expect a Discount on Lawn Care in Texas 

Lawn care professionals are in high demand and work in extreme temperatures so don’t expect a discount if you’re getting price quotes for your yard maintenance, although you will love the look of your property when a true landscaping company keeps your lawn looking nice.  

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