Just south of Daingerfield, you'll find a flowering tree whose beauty that rivals any other found in the great state of Texas.

According to the Longview News-Journal, Wynell Smith Steely has the reigning state champion flowering dogwood tree.

“People have come from far,” Steely told the News-Journal.

When Steely's tree received the champion’s title in November 2013, this specimen stood 28 feet, had a 44-foot-wide crown spread and a trunk circumference measuring 85 inches.

The trees origins are Hughes Springs, where Steely grew up. She transplanted three dogwoods to the property where she now lives. One died during drought conditions in 2011. A second tree stands smaller in the front yard, at about 15 feet high.

Many visitors have been fascinated with the tree, and sharing photos on social media. She's even had visitors just out of bed drive up to see her flowering tree.

“They had their pajamas,” Steely told the News-Journal. “They said, ‘Oh, we don’t want to get out or anything. We just wanted to come up here and see this tree.’”

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