Sometimes the mood just hits and you need to get down to business. Well, this lady didn't appreciate the business going down in front of her home.

Looks like on Sunday over in Houston, a woman called the police about a possible sexual assault going on in front of her home. A man and a woman were in a car doing the dirty deed and the homeowner wanted to be sure everything was OK. Guess she didn't want to go knock on their window herself.

When police showed up, they found the man literally getting caught with his pants down. Turns out this was not assault, completely consensual. The homeowner says that police gave them a warning and didn't talk to them for more than four minutes. Police then left the scene. Now I don't know about you, but in this situation. I would also be leaving if the police just busted me because someone is clearly watching.

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Well, this couple wasn't finished and they decided to resume their adult activities. The homeowner once again called the police and told them what was going on. This time when the police returned, the couple in the car were already gone. The homeowner couldn't believe they didn't get some sort of citation or that couple was not asked to leave the area.

Houston police spokesman Kese Smith said officers know the names of the people involved. He said it appears to be a husband-wife relationship and it appears the woman was intoxicated. Smith said HPD plans to follow up on the case to verify that what happened was consensual and to see if public lewdness charges should be filed.

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