Quick -- what do you know about Denmark?

Well, you'll know something you probably don't want to after seeing this.

The country that's famous for Hans Christian Andersen, Danish cookies and delicious breakfast pastries is now known for a low birth rate that officials want to reverse.

That's the rationale behind this bizarre commercial encouraging people to pull down their pants, jump into the sack and procreate like sea monkeys.

The ad tries to hit home by appealing to a woman's desire to become a grandmother. That's sweet and all, but you won't believe your eyes at the 35-second mark when you get to see what appears to be a woman helping her son in the bedroom. That's just something you can't un-see that will send you running for the hills (or whatever people run to when they're upset in Copenhagen).

The commercial, from travel agency Spies Travel, then takes another sharp turn by encouraging people to send their children on vacation because that can help rev up the romance. The ad even says, "Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild within nine months." Because it's that simple and nothing says, "Let's make a baby" quite like, "Hey, your mom sent us here, so we'd better do it all night."

The spot then concludes with the encouraging words of "Do it for Denmark. Do it for Mom."

Tying patriotism with sex and population increase is a bold choice. We're not sure if it really works. Guess we'll have a better idea in nine months.

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