Here in the great state of Texas there is a growing homeless population, while it might not be as bad as some other states, the numbers are definitely growing. I’ve been fortunate enough to never be homeless myself, sure I’ve struggled like most of us have, but never to the point of being homeless. I don’t think that anyone wants to struggle and end up in a homeless situation but unfortunately tough situations and circumstances combined with some poor decisions is often how people end up in that situation.  

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Recently there was an article created about the most homeless states in 2024 and I was interested in seeing what was being said by the creators of the article, I Sold My House. After talking to one of my brothers who lives outside of Texas he was telling me how bad the homeless population has gotten in his area and it just makes me want to make sure the same doesn’t happen in Texas. Hopefully more homeless people can find the resources they need to get back on their feet.  

Texas Ranked in the Top 15 for Smallest Homeless Population 

We all know that the state of Texas is gigantic but I’m glad to hear that homelessness isn’t hitting the state of Texas as hard as it is in other states.  

Let’s Look at the 15 States with the Lowest Homeless Population 

It was a little shocking to see which states have the lowest homeless population, here is a look at the 15 states with the lowest number of homeless people.  

States With the Lowest Homeless Population in 2024

These states have the lowest amount of homeless people compared to their overall population for the entire state.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

8 Must Have Items to Help the Homeless

Take a look at eight items that every homeless shelter needs. They don't cost much money and make a world of difference.

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