For the past few months we've seen a series of national market research studies illustrating the incredible career and related lifestyle opportunities currently available across the Lone Star State. Just a couple weeks ago we noted a report documenting the friendly environment for new business offered within Texas.  Not long before that, a survey revealed the city of Dallas & some nearby communities as being among the best in the USA for job growth.

Now comes another new study, this one taking aspects of the previous two & combining them with specific additional economic information. The results compare "2017's Best & Worst" American communities for first-time home buyers. We've got the top three towns / four of the top 10, and seven of the top 25 nationwide!  No other state has more than 1 entry in the top 10 while only Colorado and Arizona (three each) hit the top 25 more than once.

According to WalletHub, overall ranks for this project were determined by combining each community's scores for affordability, real estate market, and quality of life.  All seven of our 1st time home buyers "best performers" are part of the Dallas Metroplex. The future looks bright if you're considering moves to McKinney (1), Frisco (2), Allen (3), Richardson (7), Denton (11), Carrollton (18), & Grand Prairie (21).

At the other end of the spectrum, no Texas cities finished among the top 100 for "worst" designation, with four California towns running away with that dubious category:  Santa Barbara, Berkeley, Oakland, & Santa Monica.  Add in San Francisco, San Mateo, & El Monte to give the Golden State 7 of the top 10 slots among the "list they wish they weren't on"!

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