Conversations during 4th Of July barbecues run the gamut from family to sports to music to politics.  A discussion over some tasty brisket over the weekend turned at one point to California Governor Jerry Brown's recent "travel ban", refusing to allow his state employees to come to Texas on state-funded business trips.  In spite of what's been said publicly about the reason behind the move, a friend opined that Brown's just upset that so many companies are bailing out of the Golden State & moving here!

The same key economic indicators that support those established organizations' relocation decisions are also evident in a new report revealing which states are the most conducive to new business start-ups.

WalletHub has just disclosed their findings, & Texas is #2 in the overall ranking, trailing only North Dakota.  Among the most important factors leading to the study's conclusions:

  1. a "friendly environment" for business, based on ease of access to cash & tax structure (Texas is #3 nationwide)...
  2. growth percentages of companies already operating here (Texas is #2)...
  3. cost of living (Texas is the 9th least expensive state in the country)

The Lone Star State is also among the best performers in "costs of doing business" & access to qualified personnel needed for staffing.

The bottom line: with President Trump proposing a slash in corporate tax rates to 15%, & business startup trends nationwide going up for the 3rd consecutive year, this just might be the right time for those of us already here to move forward on the biz ideas we've been kickin' around in our heads for awhile!

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