Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ of Tyler, Texas has been voted to be home to Texas' Best BBQ Sandwich by Texas Monthly's BBQ master critic! Congratulations to these hard working pitmasters for such a great honor. Lets get to know this great sandwich. 

Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly knows his BBQ. He has been all over the state eating everything this state's BBQ joints have to offer. He decided to give us all a ranking of the best BBQ sandwiches in Texas. His choices made Tyler's favorite BBQ place very happy.

Why did he decide to go on this search for the best sandwich? Vaughn says, "Some barbecue joints make a pretty incredible sandwich that goes beyond the familiar chopped beef..." This makes great sense when you find out what exactly makes up what he decided was the best sandwich in Texas.

Though chopped beef on a bun drenched in BBQ sauce can always hit the spot, Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ's "Mother Clucker" does what those old fashioned sandwiches can't.

Robert J Lerma
Robert J Lerma

On a jalapeño cheese sourdough you can find what heaven might taste like. A smoked chicken thigh seasoned to perfection covered in spicy BBQ mayo placed on top of a slice of cheddar cheese with a fried egg on top makes your mouth water just reading this doesn't it? But, they aren't done yet. With the additions of candied and smoked bacon with a smear of homemade guacamole, if you ask for it, will make all your dining dreams come true.

Here's what Vaughn had to say about the Mother Clucker:

It is fair to say that Vaughn was impressed, and you will be too.

Head down to Stanley's today to try your very own Mother Clucker sandwich. You will not regret the trip. In fact, you will probably start making that trip more often than you ever thought possible.

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