Texans don't like to underachieve, and this is new evidence.  Some of our neighbors here in East Texas have had success stringing together a whole lot of dishes of ice cream to set the Guinness World Record for the longest sundae, but did they get to eat it before the inevitable melt?  

Our friends in College Station put on the Spirit of Texas Festival on March 24th, and pulled off the amazing sweet feat of creating an ice cream sundae that was almost a mile long.  If you're a runner with an 8-mile pace, that's eight minutes of running with tables of ice cream alongside you, that just keep going and going.   And a good reward when you're finished.

The project took 500 gallons of ice cream, and we hear they used H-E-B Texan Tackle Crackle ice cream which uses vanilla ice cream and candy crunch chocolate swirls. Some of us might be able to down a mile of that all by ourselves.

Even though it was a huge undertaking, the creators didn't go plain Jane and simple and use vanilla ice cream, which seems like such a Texan thing to do.  We always do it up big.  It also took 300 gallons of chocolate and strawberry syrup, 2,000 cans of whipped cream, 25 pounds of sprinkles and about 20,000 cherries.  Maybe they coulda skipped the cherries.

There were about four thousand people at the festival who helped eat the sundae after the Guinness folks verified that it was legit.  It took them about thirty minutes to polish it all off.  Nice and slow to avoid the brain freeze.  It's a good thing they did this in the spring because in July or August it would have been ice cream soup.

Oh, and last year, the Spirit of Texas Festival broke the record for the largest serving of chili con carne, which ended up being about 4,800 pounds.  Whaddya think they'll do next year?  If we show up at Wolf Pen Creek in College Station, we'll probably get to eat some.

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