If you feel like you're constantly on the go with very little downtime, you must be a Texan.  When it's broken down state-by-state, Texas is in the top ten for hours worked.  And we're not very good at vacationing.

I know you're the exception to the rule and just got back from a nice, relaxing Labor Day Weekend boating excursion in the Gulf, and you're feeling invigorated, refreshed, and stress-free.  But there are millions in Texas that aren't in that same boat.

Overall, Texans don't take many vacations and we work a lot of hours, according to a new study by Renegade Furniture Group.  I guess they really want people to put their feet up and veg on their couches so they wanted to figure this out.

Even if we have vacation time, apparently we don't tend to use it all in Texas. We rank 29th among all states for the amount of vacation time used in comparison to what we're given, and strangely enough, that's the category where we rank the highest.  Texas ranks 47th for free time overall, and 45th for the insane number of work hours we log in a week.

The average person has 3.25 hours of free time per day during the work week by the way, according to federal data.  And if we're trying to squeeze in a workout and take the kids to soccer practice after we clock out, that doesn't leave much leisure time to drink a glass of wine and sit in the hot tub.

Maine, Wisconsin, and Alaska have the most free time.  Hmm.  Wanna move?  Yeah, me neither.  We'll just have to get a little bit better at finding time for that long, relaxing boating excursion.  Or at least get in the hot tub.

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