I’ve been on various fishing trips in my lifetime and I have pulled in a couple of nice catches.  However, nothing beats what Sergio Roque pulled in over the 4th of July weekend in Texas City, Texas.

From ABC 13 Houston The 55th Annual Tackle Time Fishing Tournament which is hosted by Texas City/La Marques Jaycees took place and Sergio pulled in this mammoth of a catch - a 964 pound Tiger Shark.

The fight lasted for about three hours and Sergio finally was able to reel in the Tiger Shark, almost sinking his boat in the process.  Sergio said after the catch:

It's the hardest fight I've ever had in my life, the strongest one....

Sergio's catch isn't the all time record holder, but as for right now his catch has him currently in first place.

The Tackle Time Fishing Tournament is a group that hosts fundraisers for scholarships and youth programs.  If you want more information you can call Blake Carroll, President (409) 457-3491.

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