If you've ever ridden on a Mardi Gras float during a parade, you know there's usually quite a party happening as the Krewe makes it way along the route.

A woman tossing beads from a passing float somehow had her wedding ring slide completely off her finger during the process. That's what happened last week in Galveston's Fat Tuesday event. She apparently didn't realize it at the time (Refer back to my comment about Mardi Gras Krewe parties!) .

Now, the guy who caught the beads & discovered the "bonus" is trying to track down the ring's rightful owner.  As the story from UPI explains, he's hoping the power of social media can do the trick. The post has been shared more than 29,500 times on Facebook so hopefully it works!

I love that this man from Texas is trying to do the right thing rather than just pocketing the wedding ring. It's part of our reputation - always trying to take the moral route in life.


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