Seems like their is a lot of inside drama going on in Aerosmith. The latest is front-man Steven Tyler saying the group would be performing the finale of American Idol. However, the rest of the band says No. More after the jump.

Steven Tyler has been big on saying that Aerosmith will be performing the finale of American Idol. However reports from the Boston Herald are saying that representatives of the band told producer's its not happening. No official reason has been given as to why this happened. Joe Perry did place on his facebook,
"Not playing Idol cause we were never asked by producers. Brad has gig that night with Hendrix Exp. Its not logistically possible.”

The band said they wouldn't mind doing it next season, when they have something like an album or tour to promote. But the road has been bumpy so far for Aerosmith, mainly between Perry and Tyler. From Steven's unannouced judging of American Idol, to his book talking about Perry's drug problems, and also Tyler's solo song and possible album. Check out the new single below.

Things may not be all bad in the Aerosmith camp, since they just announced a tour through Latin America. First show kicks off October 22 in Lima, Peru. They might not be getting along off stage, but hopefully they can keep it together on stage.

So what do you think? Is Steven Tyler letting his American Idol fame get to him and away from his roots, or does the rest of Aerosmith need to get with the "times"?

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