Our chance in Texas to audition for American Idol is coming up tomorrow, August 11th, and auditions will be virtual again this year. There's one big reason why Texas teens and twentysomethings could lose big before they even get started.

Texas is a big state!  American Idol auditions are broken down state-by-state, and a producer will give each state the focus on its designated day.

The date for everyone in Texas between the age of 15 and 28 to audition is coming up tomorrow, August 11th, and it's sure to be a crowded Zoom meeting.  There are millions in that age group here in the Lonestar State, and if everyone wants to audition tomorrow the internet really might break.  We know that not every teen or twentysomething wants to sing in front of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, but since Texas has one of the largest populations in the US, we can guess that the show's producers are going to have a huge crowd tomorrow for the virtual auditions.

If you've ever been part of a virtual audition, you know it's nerve-wracking as heck.  My daughter went to a Zoom audition this summer with a talent-scouting company that works with Disney, and since a parent had to attend I witnessed how it all worked.  Frankly, I need a Tums.  It was intense, and American Idol auditions may work the same way.

How a Virtual Audition Typically Works

-- The Zoom host lets you into the meeting along with hundreds of other hopefuls

-- The Zoom host goes over the process and rules and conveys the idea that it's only for the highly dedicated.  If you're not going to be on your game, there's no reason to stay.  

-- The Zoom host will let you know that producers have been secretly watching you during the first part of the meeting, to see if you're eating, goofing off, lounging on the couch in your sweats, or scrolling through your phone.  And they're taking notes. 

-- If you stick around, the Zoom host will transfer you to a separate room and each room will have its own talent scout or producer leading the session.  The room leaders will conduct the auditions and let you know if you pass or fail. 

It takes nerves of steel to nail any audition, but especially a virtual one!  Pre-2020, auditions happened outside of the house on a stage at an auditorium or theater, and since that environment was unfamiliar it might have been a little easier to concentrate.  You were there for a unique purpose and truly outside of your comfort zone.  But auditioning at home means you are right there in the middle of your usual comfort zone, trying to hit the high notes in the same room where you usually eat, play with the dog, and lie on the couch half-awake watching Netflix.  Suddenly, it's your sold-out concert stage and you're supposed to be a superstar while you're staring at the vacuum and wondering if a family member is going to come in and fire up the Dyson while you're trying to impress a producer with your best Hamilton soundtrack cover.  If you can do it, you are amazing and well-deserving of the invite to Hollywood.

If I haven't totally ruined your Idol buzz and dashed your hopes, click HERE to register for the Texas American Idol auditions.  You got this!  That's what I meant to say.  And if you miss tomorrow's auditions you can also register for the nationwide auditions on August 27th.  Good luck!

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