We are passionate about sports in East Texas. The intensity of the training, the challenge of competition, and the thrill of the victory emotionally excite and inspire us. It's incredible what the human body is capable of achieving when trained properly and subsequently applied to athletic endeavors. Although it's not something we typically think about, there is a science to sports.

The Center for Earth and Space Science at TJC is now offering a fun and enriching way to learn about how it all works together in a new hands-on exhibit in Tyler called, 'Sportsology.'

Visitors, including school children, can explore and interact with exhibits that allow them to gauge their athletic ability, while learning about how the human body works. Various athletic abilities can be tested from strength and agility, to flexibility and coordination.

kid throw ball

(Photo courtesy of The Center for Earth and Space Science)

Dr. Beau Hartweg, Director of the Science Center, hopes that by making sports the focal point for the exhibit, sports-loving East Texans will be encouraged to learn more about physiology, body awareness, and making healthier choices.

“...Sports are a common experience for many residents and an important component of everyday life. With this exhibit we hope to inspire minds for science, one visit at a time.” --Dr. Beau Hartweg

The 'Sportsology' exhibit will be open through August 19 of next year. Learn more about the exhibit and The Center for Earth and Space Science at TJC at http://sciencecenter.tjc.edu/exhibits.

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