One thing that most East Texans can agree on is this: Our teachers deserve better pay for the incredible work they do.

Much respect to Longview Independent School District for putting actual money toward this endeavor.

Accolades are appreciated by teachers, I'm sure. Award ceremonies are great! At the same time, if you really want to take steps to make your teachers (or any employees) feel appreciated, change what it says on their checks.

The Longview ISD Facebook page states that "while the Texas Education Agency did not assign campus ratings or academic distinction designations to schools across the state, LISD has enough data is available to calculate academic distinction designations using the state model and formulas for the 2020-21 school year."

Longview ISD is planning to award $3.1 MILLION dollars to teachers who achieve certain designations, with a few of those teachers getting an extra $30,000 on their December paycheck.

Even Senator Bryan Hughes has congratulated the district for making this decision. He shared the following on Facebook:

Communities that invest in our teachers invest in our future. Great to see that Longview ISD is awarding over $3.1 million in incentive pay for our teachers.

Well, said Senator.
This incentive program has been around since 2015 in Longview. Since then, the program has grown dramatically. In 2015, the total pool of incentive dollars was $350,000. That's a significant amount of money. But just six years later, that figure has CLEARLY grown dramatically.
Superintendent of Longview ISD, Dr. James Wilcox, told KLTV that "the goal of the Teacher Incentive Allotment is to provide a realistic pathway to pay outstanding teachers six-figure salaries. As such, it will dramatically improve the recruitment and retention of highly effective teachers and keep them in the classroom at our most challenging campuses.”
I'd love to see our other East Texas school districts follow suit. You?

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