If you've ever played Fantasy Football you know how addictive it can be.  What if there were a law that made parts of it illegal?  It could happen.

Several states have filed measures to try to stop daily Fantasy Football sites like FanDuel and DraftKings, saying they promote an illegal form of gambling.  And now Texas is considering tighter restrictions too.

FanDuel says on its website that you "choose the contest you'd like to enter or create your own to play against friends. Select the entry fee and prize or choose a free practice contest. You can enter as many games and teams as you like..."

DraftKings works in a similar way, and says some of the contests are free to enter while others are paid.  And there's a payout for winning on both sites.

The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, wrote an opinion this week that said the sites are operating outside of state law, and lawmakers in Austin are expected to look into it.

The fantasy sports industry is big bucks, and the competition between you and your friends can get intense.  Now the face-off between lawmakers and the websites could be just as heated.

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