Saturday Night Live‘ alum Will Ferrell returned to the stage this weekend to host one of the comedy show’s more eventful episodes. Being that the cast reached its 100th digital short marker and the second-to-last week before the season finale, it was only fair that Ferrell brought back one of his most iconic impersonations — George W. Bush.

Our former president has been out of the spotlight for a while since he entered retirement, and the world is probably wondering what he’s been up to. Well, as far as ‘SNL’ is concerned, it looks like Bush is still in the White House, but this time he’s got a new gig.

Joe Biden is facing some hard times. Barack Obama is getting all the attention for supporting marriage equality, even though it was clearly our vice president who was the first to say this. It’s only natural that Biden would be a little upset, but that’s where his “imaginary friend”/fairy godmother George Bush comes in.

He’s like the Nanny McPhee of the Oval Office. When a vice president is in need of help, he’s there. But he’ll quickly vanish if he gets too bored.

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