Slipknot made and emotional return Friday night at the Sonisphere Festival. This is the first time they have been live on stage since the death of bassist Paul Gray, who died of an accidental overdose last year.

A jumpsuit and Paul's bass guitar were placed on stage in honor and remembrance of him. The old school red jumpsuits and masks were being rocked proudly by the surviving 8 members. Check out details and the video after the jump.

Front man Corey Taylor told the crowd:

“Tonight is a very emotional show for us. But it is not a negative day – it’s a positive day, a day for celebration. WILL you celebrate with us today?”

He later added:

“This is very hard for us, but he would have wanted us to come out with you all and celebrate his life.”

Corey and the band invited the audience to sing along to a classic track 'Duality' saying:

“Will you all help me sing a song for my brother? Sing so loud he can hear us – because he is here with us tonight. Can you feel it?"

An emotional performance and comeback since Paul Gray's death is just what the band needed, I think. This will make them so much stronger and closer as a band, and I think this was a perfect way for the guys to grieve and heal from the death of their dear friend. Check out the video of the live, emotional comeback.

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