While metalheads have often decried the nominees in the Grammys' Best Metal Performance category, the Best Rock Album Grammy has provided a few head scratchers of its own over the years. And with this list, we'll recap who won in every year since 1995, when the Best Rock Album Grammy was introduced, up to the most recent Grammy winner, and we'll tell you exactly how right they did or didn't get it.

There are certain years that the Recording Academy's nominating body did a great job, not only nominating the act that should've won, but also doing a damn fine job with the remaining nominees as well, but that's likely not what you're here for. And yes, there are years that will downright confound you with the Best Rock Album Grammy winner and we get to those, too.

And while the oft-uttered phrase associated with award shows is often, "It's just an honor to be nominated," well, we'll serve up some solid rock albums that didn't even get a nomination in their year of entry that will have you asking "How?!"

So scroll on down to the gallery below as we take it year-by-year and tell you who won and who should've won the Best Rock Album Grammy.

Best Rock Album Grammy - Who Won and Who Should've Won

What's your take on the past winners?

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