Skinny dip? You know you want to (or have), but for those not brave enough, ‘The Skinny Dipping Report’ has released a 2012 calendar of the naughty social experience.

The Skinny Dipping Report notes on their site — where you can scroll through the calendar — that the images were collected from Flickr (and the anecdotes from the members who posted them). Each month photos are accompanied with the photographer’s story behind the shot.

“Every image in our calendar is of a real person from a real place with a real story. Each image was captured and presented for public consumption on Flickr without any help from us,” explains the site. “We have
selected photographs that make you want to be there (and who wouldn’t?), to feel what the person in the photograph is feeling, to understand the particularity of the place and the moment through the lens of skinny dipping.”

Each month also includes suggestions of where to – “Go,” “Stay,” “Eat” and “Drink” — so you and your friends can recreate the scenes.  Local swimming pool not suggested.




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