Babes Of The World Cup
The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world right now, and every country has fans there representing their country. Including some of the hottest women in the world.
Alessandra Lopez — Babe of the Day
Alessandra Lopez is a 24-year-old model from Miami Beach, Fla. In addition to her modeling work, Alessandra has been a professional dancer for the Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers. Truth: Alessandra might be one of the few reasons to go see those teams… well, her and the fish tanks.
Sierra Merchant — Babe of the Day
Meet Sierra Merchant, a 25-year-old fitness model from San Diego. When Sierra isn’t modeling, she’s hitting the gym and working out to keep her body fit for work and play. This girl’s got discipline, and it shows.
Nicole Vaunt — Babe of the Day
Nicole is a 24-year-old print, erotica and fetish model from Philadelphia, PA who says she's not a muse or a mannequin, she's just a girl built like a Vargas painting. Don't bother googling Vargas, just scroll down and you'll know exactly what she means.

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