Six Flags Over Texas has been an Arlington landmark for 56 years. During that entire time, six different flags have flown above the amusement park's entrance. You may not have known that those six flags each represented a different era of Texas history.  Flags representing Spain, France, Mexico, the independent Republic Of Texas, and even the Confederacy at some point through the years the Lone Star State has been directly governed by or was in alliances with those groups.

Now, with the political spotlight shining on all things Confederate-related, criticism has been raining down all over the country and that includes the park for continuing to showcase that particular flag.  As a result, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Six Flags has changed their entire flag setup. As of this past weekend, the United States' Stars & Stripes will be the only flag you'll see overhead as you go through the main gates.  All six poles will be flying American flags.

Is it the right decision for today's world, or an overreaction to political correctness gone crazy?  I'm sure there's no shortage of opinions on both sides!  In related news, the University Of Texas in Austin began taking down Confederate statues last night.  We've got more on that here.

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