With all schools officially back in the swing of things, that means morning rush hour is back in full force. That means, everyone has traffic on the brain while they're going to school or work and to me, the worst part about it are intersections and making a left turn on Loop 323. But it's not necessarily the infrastructure that causes me to yell like an angry Little League World Series coach - it's the people driving!

Last week I put out a post asking what some of the worst intersections in Tyler are. There were a lot!

Troup and the Loop (hey, it rhymes!)

The number one offender - based on the opinion of Tylerites - looks to be the intersection at Troup and Loop 323. Is this the most agitating intersection in the city of Tyler? Is it because of the sheer amount of commuters? Or maybe the worst drivers frequent that intersection? Or maybe it is the light?

All I know is I actually avoid this intersection when I go to Planet Fitness on the other side of town - and I'm guessing a lot of others do too.

Broadway and the Loop

Google Maps

This one is obvious. You've got eight lanes on each side of arguably the busiest streets in the city. Add a bunch of medians, two left turn lanes on each side and frustrated drivers already annoyed by the traffic. That is not a great equation!

HWY 31 and the Loop

Google Maps

This one I don't get as annoyed at as much, but there are definitely residents who have voiced their displeasure sitting at this intersection. I just make a left on Old Jacksonville from Rice Rd. =)

At the end of the day, how we drive affects everyone else around us. Don't text and drive, don't flip the middle finger and remember there is a life - or lives - in your hands, and everyone else's for that matter.

Happy driving!