One thing that is NEVER in short supply when the "holidays" come around, is our ability to worry about a million things that in the grand scheme are not worthy of our stress. People that enjoy a lifestyle of having a decent bank account to spend freely look at these days completely different than those that must concentrate on simply making sure their children are fed and can find a smile or 2 when Christmas Day comes around.


My mother raised 5 of us on her own as a single mother from 1966 through 1986 after the death of my father. My wife Margie raised 6 children mostly on her own after her first husband quit on her. She was more than worthy to look after and close friends did just that to insure her survival. She conquered because of it. One mother of 6, 4 natural, 2 step, ALL her own, got a little help from a few and made it happen.

Rebekah Greenawalt
Rebekah Greenawalt

No, this isn't just "another sad holiday story" about someone that can't buy for their kids. This is a chance at redemption for those of you that NEVER get an opportunity to change a life and then TAKE IT. John Bullock spent many years here in Tyler bar tending and managing at the much missed Tyler Bennigans back in the early to late 90's. We became fast friends and grew into brothers as the years past and he has since moved on to great things in the real estate market in the Phoenix area. John is now a single father of 2 amazing kids (Justin and Brianna) after losing his wife Candy to breast cancer only a few days before Christmas of 2016. John is a good man that walks tall and dedicates his everyday to finding something to make better. I trust him.

John had an awful story fall in his lap last week and decided to do "something, anything" he could to make it better. Here's how we can back him up.

I received this message from him last week so please take a couple of minutes if you can and reach back if you feel like you can fit this family into your world at all this Christmas and in the process maybe fill that yearning you have inside to "do something" to make someone else better.

From John Bullock December 13, 7:41am

As I had posted on my page a few days ago, often this time of year many are looking for that family to help at Christmas that might be in a really tough situation, well here they are.
This is someone I have known for about 10 years. I am not able to disclose a ton here, and I won't be using her name or her face, But she has been dropped into a Really Really tough spot. Almost instantly through a domestic abuse situation, she is a single mom of these 6 lil blessings. They are 12,7,5,2,1 and almost 2 months old. She is resourceful with the little she has, and is doing her best to survive from day to day and hour to hour. As of right now she has no way of doing any Christmas for her kids, But her needs are well beyond Christmas. She doesn't have income as she can't work because she would not be able to afford day care. We are aiming high here to try to get her in a situation where she can get back on her feet. Financial blessings are best right now as she can apply them where she needs them, but I will post in comments the kids sizes, as clothing donations are needed as well. If you are not local and want to send clothing or Christmas presents, I will post my address in the comments and you can mail to me and I will deliver. If you are local, and want to do clothing or presents, call me and we will arrange meeting up. Please consider a generous donation, and I will keep you posted on progress. Blessings to you in advance!!!!

Ashley Hicks is yet another victim of domestic abuse that somehow has been thrown back into this world to do it on her own. Here is the link to the page if you would like to take some time to read. A friend is organizing this page, not Ashley. Sometimes we get to a place where we really need to ask for help. I think we ALL understand that NONE OF US get through this life without help.

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