Summer in South Louisiana usually means children at home going in and out. Sometimes even the best of children can forget the simple act of closing a door. We all know what happens when the door stays open in the summertime don't we? The power bill goes up and the flies and bugs come in.

Juan Pablo Mascanfronih via Unsplash. com
Juan Pablo Mascanfronih via Unsplash. com

If you're main issue is keeping the air conditioning on the inside we have some great tips right here that can help. A lot of those helpful hints involve you taking care of your air conditioning system by cleaning filters and the like.

But as far as bugs, like wasps, flies, and other things that buzz about your place we've found an incredible hack that you might want to try for that too. All you need to prevent and influx of flies and wasps is a clear zip top food storage bag, some water, and a few pennies.

Here's the Hack that will Keep Flies and Wasps out of Your Home.

Put the pennies in the bag with just a little bit of water. You'll then hang that bag near the entrance where the flying pests are most likely to enter your home. For most of us that is a patio door or a screen door on a porch. That's it. That's all you have to do.

Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube
Andrea Jean Cleaning via YouTube

Why Do Pennies in a Bag Keep Flies and Wasps Away?

The first thing you need to realize is that insects don't see the world the same way we humans do. They have compound eyes and the images they see are often multiplied in many ways. The video below will give you a good idea of what a fly or wasp might see compared to what we see.

Now, to a fly or wasp that bag of pennies in water won't look like pennies in water, it will look more like a very large wasp or hornet nest. Since flies and wasps don't like looking for a fight, they see the "nest" and stay away.

Here's a nice step by step video to walk you through the process.

It all has to do with the shape and color of the pennies, the water, and the way the light reflects and refracts through the bag. Some of the other advantages of this hack are that the sack doesn't stink, it doesn't use chemicals, and it's safe around pets and kids. The only thing you need to do is change the water every so often.

You can also hang the penny bag under a patio umbrella, near trash cans, or near where the kids play outside. It works and it works well. Give it a try and see for yourself.  And if you're a fan of hacks that make your life easy and don't cost anything, try these out when it comes to stubborn jars and bottles.

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