Texas is just one of those states where there's a chance you'll see a creature you might've not seen before with your own eyes. Recently, we mentioned one familiar arachnid is going to be seen in Texas for a while. But while there are some creatures we hope to never cross, there are some that seek us out instead.

That's a rather scary thought isn't it? Something looking for us. But instead, the insect we'll be talking about is more annoying than scary.

What insect are we talking about today? None than...ants.

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Ants, Texas, And Heat, A Terrible Trio

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, there's not just one singular type of ant in the Lone Star State. Many inhabit the areas we live in, such as fire ants and acrobat ants. Which with a name like acrobat, it's hard not to be unnerved by them right?

So with the sun beginning to bake Texas, how does one keep an ant infestation from happening? There are thankfully ways to do so. According the Star Telegram, it's important to make sure that you secure areas of you home where ants could potentially enter.

If your able to see the sun protruding in your home under the door, your best case of action is make sure you block that area. If, by chance, ants do invade, you can get traps and other items to get them out of your abode.

If the problem becomes worse, your best idea is to call a professional. But hopefully it'll never come to that. If you'll excuse me, I'm scared of acrobat ants now.

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