As Sick Puppies gear up for the release of their upcoming 'Connect' album, they're finding a lot of love for their music and that includes a very public nod of support from longtime pal and Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix.

The band recently crossed paths with Shaddix on the road and a full-on "bro-down" followed as shown in the exclusive video provided to Loudwire below.

Singer Shim Moore says Shaddix always finds a way to mess with him, but it's all in good fun. He adds, "He's the sweetest guy … It's Jacoby from Papa Roach. When we were learning to play guitar, we were ripping off all their moves."

Shaddix, meanwhile, recalls seeing Sick Puppies at the very beginning of their career, adding, "I saw you guys, a three-piece, and I was like, 'F---, they rock.' There was a little ska, a little hard rock, a little funk to it and your little [mimics Emma Anzai slapping the bass]."

Sick Puppies return with their third album, 'Connect,' on July 16, featuring the lead single 'There's No Going Back.' The track is expected to arrive at radio early next month, with the video to follow on June 6. An early trailer for the video can be seen here. The full album track listing can be seen below and the disc can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

Watch Sick Puppies Bond With Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix

Sick Puppies, 'Connect' Track Listing:

1. 'Die to Save You'
2. 'There's No Going Back'
3. 'Walking Away'
4. 'Gunfight'
5. 'Poison'
6. 'Where Did the Time Go'
7. 'Telling Lies'
8. 'Connect'
9. 'Run'
10. 'The Trick the Devil Did'
11. 'Healing Now'
12. 'Under a Very Black Sky'

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