On today's Cage Match we are seeing if a band can dethrone Alice in Chains and their latest song, "Hollow."  Today we've got Papa Roach's "Still Swingin'."

We all know Alice in Chains, rockin’ since late 1987, through the grunge era to today, minus the legendary Layne Staley, who passed away in 2002. They had many great albums, from "Dirt" and "Facelift" to "Black Gives Way To Blue.” Their new song “Hollow” will be in the Cage Match today with their video below.

Alice in Chains: 'Hollow'

Papa Roach will be in the cage against them with their jam, "Still Swingin'." These cats are from California and have been on the scene since 1993. "Lovehatetragedy," "Infest" and the latest, "The Connection," are just some of the albums from Jacoby and the boyz.

Papa Roach: 'Still Swingin'

Who are you taking in today's Cage Match?

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