Sevendust are coming back with a shiny new studio album, ‘Black Out the Sun,’ due out on March 26. Now, the guys have unveiled the official cover art for the release. Check out the simple-yet-impactful work of art in the image to the left.

Fans will have their first taste of the band’s ninth studio album with the debut single ‘Decay,’ which is set to reach active rock airwaves and retail outlets on Jan. 22, 2013.

As for what to expect from the album’s sound, drummer Morgan Rose recently told Loudwire that the set would be spontaneous. “I don’t know what it’s gonna be like but I know it’s going to be fresh, there won’t be anything that’s over analyzed,” he said. “Usually, some of our best material that we have written in the studio that way – I think ‘Home,’ ‘Denial,’ there’s a few songs we’ve written in studio like that.

“You just go in, nobody has an idea and then all of a sudden it’s just done, ‘Praise’ was done like that. Some of the bigger songs we’ve done were done with the five of us sittin’ in a room and somebody just startin’ to play a riff and everybody running with it so that’s how we’re gonna approach the next record."

Check out a photo gallery from Sevendust’s recent stint on ShipRocked 2012 below:

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