From ABC13 Houston, a heart-breaking photo was posted online of senior citizens trapped in their nursing home in Dickinson, Texas and the water was up to their waist line.

Timothy McIntosh, whose mother-in-law owns the nursing home called La Vita Bella, tweeted the photo on Sunday to get help and it went viral.

Houston Chronicle depicts the residents all sitting calmly in their wheelchairs and sofas - all while news spread throughout social media until the National Guard arrived and floated the residents to waiting trucks around Noon on Sunday.

A member of the National Guard who asked to keep his identity private said:

The house was pretty much underwater.

Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of Dickinson David Popoff told Chron:

The Mayor issued an evacuation warning for low-lying areas and people that were medically fragile and for some reason they didn’t evacuate.

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