Say Cheese Tyler Food Truck serves delicious grilled cheese sandwiches to hungry mouths in East Texas and they have a variety of creative sandwiches revolved around cheese.  But I stumbled on this post and had to share it! A new grilled cheese sandwich that's perfect as we get ready for the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Say Cheese is proud to introduce 'The Gobbler'.  This sandwich is made up of muenster cheese, turkey, dressing, and cranberry - just looking at it makes my mouth water.  If you are thinking about trying 'The Gobbler' you have to hurry because it's for a limited time.

Shawn Knight |TSM
Shawn Knight |TSM

Say Cheese Tyler is one of the most talked about food trucks in East Texas with a speciality in hand crafted grilled cheese sandwiches.  To find out where they will be check out their Facebook page.

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